Pilgrim,<br><br>I realize that Romans 10:9 should not be looked at in isolation and that it is not some magic formula which if recited saves an individual. That's why I stated, "I believe that the term "believe" as it is used here infers "a total abandoning of oneself and trusting Christ ALONE for both the remission of sins and the righteousness of Him so as to be reconciled to God."<br><br>Your point about relying on ANYTHING other than Christ alone is well taken. You may be right, but I'm still not convinced that one cannot be saved and hold the position that one's salvation can be forfeited. Again, there is a significant amount of Scripture that seems to support that position.<br><br>I personally believe that salvation is unconditional. If you have the time and inclination, I would appreciate you looking over the dissertation at this site.....<br><br>http://www.john14-6.org/ForfeitSalvation.htm<br><br>I am currently being discipled through the Life Builders Real Faith curriculum and my partner encourages me to come to him with questions and concerns about the Bible and Christianity. Unconditional salvation is what we are going to cover the next two weeks. <br><br>I would love to have you analyze and rebut this man's arguments.<br><br>Thanks for your genuine concern.<br><br>rjskal