Dear Susan,<br><br>IRT:<br>"Are we conscious that we have been operated upon by the Holy Spirit?"<br><br>Not necessarily. Some have been saved without even knowing that there was a Holy Spirit.<br><br>IRT:<br>"Is there a vital principle in us which was not there originally?"<br><br>Yes. God's grace.<br><br>IRT:<br>"Do we know today the folly of carnal confidence?"<br><br>Let's hope so. Many Galatians fell from grace because of it.<br><br>IRT:<br>"Have we a hope that we have been enabled through divine grace to cast away all our own righteousness and every dependence, and are we now, whether we sink or swim, resting entirely upon the Person, the righteousness, the blood, the intercession, the precious merit of our Lord Jesus Christ?"<br><br>I know that I myself have not the strength to endure for Christ, even though this is what His word tells me I must do. But God be praised, He has sent the Holy Spirit Who gives me the strength that I need to live in Him.<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh