Josh Complains:<br>Let me settle the first question right away. I believe that God is totally sovereign, and can do or cause anything He desires. I also believe that in the matter of free will that God has purposefully limited Himself and has delegated to each man some degree of control over his own destiny; thus it is not a question of His sovereignty, but His method.<br><br>Fred responds:<br>So Josh, can you prove this from scripture? Where, pray tell, does it tell us that God purposefully "limits" himself so as to delegate to each man some degree of control over his destiny? This is humanistic philosophy pure and simple. You are sounding more and more like an Open theist everytime you post. Your comment is so biblically inconsistent that it would be laughable if it were not so serious that you believe such non-sense. I do not wish to be harsh, but I really do not think you have truly pondered the significance of your belief systems. (Which tends to be a problem with most arminian minded evangelicals in our day). You haven't been poisoned by the lies of Dan Corner have you?<br>Fred

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