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[color:"blue"]I have already made it clear that I believe that one must endure to the end to be saved, but that I also believe that this can only be done by the grace of God. The fact that I believe in conditional salvation is not salvation by faith + works, but simply meeting the things that God requires of us (repentance, humility, love, forgiveness, etc...) by the power of His Holy Spirit.

This statement could have come directly out of the pages of the Roman Catholic Encyclopedia. It is pure semi-Pelagianism. It is indisputably synergism. Now if that is what you really believe, then fine...... !! But you can't believe in "conditional salvation" but then deny that salvation is not merited by some form of works. That's inane! [Linked Image] It doesn't make any difference "who" is influential in "helping" a "free-willed sinner" to make an alleged decision for Christ and/or to endure to the end. The bottom line is that it is still the individual's decision/will, according to your theory, that makes one to differ; not divine grace. For if all have the same grace, but some fall away, then it isn't "grace" that saves. You make grace an ingredient that is necessary for the mix, but that's all it is; an ingredient that when mixed with other ingredients, you get the end product, aka "salvation". Dress it up any way you wish, but it still ends up being a system of "grace + works = salvation". Protest as loudly as you will, it's still nothing more than SYNERGISM; God helps man to save himself.

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