Dear Ehud,<br><br>IRT:<br>"You statements keep bringing you back to a salvation that you merit which is no salvation at all. You say that it is because I was willing to listen, and you say that because God first saw that we would want Him is the reason God decided to save us."<br><br>I do not merit the salvation that God has wrought. God was not compelled to save those who would hear Him, nor do we deserve it; it is simply what God decided to do. This goes back to why I say hearing and following Christ are not merits that earn us eternal life, but conditions which God has set if He is to save us.<br><br>IRT:<br>"I John 4:19<br>'We love him, because he first loved us.'"<br><br>Agreed wholeheartedly. If God had not first loved us, we would not even be capable of loving Him back; for it is only by His grace that we can truly love Him. The essential difference in what we believe is that I believe that some men resist God's grace.<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh