<br>Dear ReformedSBC,<br><br>I wrote:<br>"God saves those who will hear Him, not those that are 'good.'"<br><br>You wrote:<br>"Nope. God saves his own people, whom he died for; his sheep whom he enables to hear his voice."<br><br>Jesus died for the sins of the whole world (1 John 2:2), but not everyone hears Him. I have already proven under the argument 'Characteristics of Sheep' that the sheep spoken of in John 10 are those who already follow God. One primary reason is that Christ's sheep will not follow the voice of a stranger. If it is true that all of the elect are sheep before they accept Christ, then no one who ever joined a cult could be saved, because they have heard the voice of another, and therefore cannot be one of Christ's sheep. This is of course untrue, because one becomes a sheep when they hear Christ's voice and follow Him.<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh