Dear Pilgrim,<br><br>IRT:<br>"There appears to be a clear contradiction between what you believe/stated and what the inspired Apostle has written. If, as you say, all men have received an "equal measure of enabling 'grace'" then that which makes them to differ is their will and or willingness to cooperate with that grace!"<br><br>That which makes us differ in the context of that scripture (referring to salvation) is Christ, but it was not referring to who made us differ in regards to deciding to follow God's call.<br><br>IRT:<br>"Again, your view denigrates grace and relegates it to a mere "influence" which does not actually save in and of itself. Man's will is the actual and proximate cause of salvation. Your position is indefensible."<br><br>Grace must be received to save a man. Man's compliance is necessary for salvation, but not the cause; and my position is clearly defended by scripture, as I have shown repeatedly.<br><br><br>In Christ,<br>Josh