Dear Pilgrim,

Double talk? I majored in it (kidding)! Let me show you some right now.

First off, my illustration is not out of sync with the Bible, I double dare you to show me where it is. But your idea that men are so dead that they cannot respond to God in any way is. You are simply overdrawing an analogy, I might as well say since believers are crucified with Christ and are dead to sin (Romans 8) that we can no longer commit even the smallest sin, so your own argument is a double edged sword.

"However, this 'grace', as you are wanting to call it cannot save either man on its own. It is but an 'aid' to their rescue and nothing more. It is powerless to actually save a drowning man. There is no inherent salvific power in your "grace"."

No, the life ring does not merely aid, but saves a drowning man (and may double as a seat cushion--kidding), it simply requires that the man embrace it. This is a condition, not a double payment. Your arguments are nothing more than word games.

"Therefore, if either man is to be saved, there is something which must be added to that "grace", i.e., their determination, decision, and seizing hold of that lifesaving device, aka "grace". To now insist that there is nothing that differs between the two men is ludicrous. For in fact the ONLY thing that differs between the one who is saved and the one who perishes is the one's will and action. Thus salvation is not of Grace but of "grace" + works."

Your whole argument is based on the assumption that hearing God's call and responding to it are works, such is not Biblical, as I have doubly demonstrated in posts past. "Faith comes by works and works by the word of God--??" This puts your argument into a doctrinal double whammy.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you are embracing SYNERGISM while God's Word teaches MONOGISM!! (Jonah 2:9)"

Jonah taught no such thing. While the price of salvation was paid solely by God, we must receive it. Consider

Luke 7:30, "But the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the counsel of God against themselves, being not baptized of him."

They did not receive the word of God and thereby rejected His counsel for themselves, showing that men do have a choice. But as I have said before and I will double emphasize here, it is not our choice that saves us, it is God's grace. We must receive God's grace, but to say that is 'adding' to grace is like saying that faith is added to grace because we are saved by grace through faith. This disproves your argument both logically and scripturally, putting it into double jeopardy.

I will give you a silly illustration in a double post below.


"And the third is one who initially has "salvation" but out of his love of the world fails to use it wisely and consequently looses it."

Losing has only a single 'o,' not a double.