Dear Josh,
It is clear that the men on this board are doing an excellent job of showing, or at least trying, to show you the truth of the scriptures concerning the doctrine of salvation. I realize from your posts that you have no understanding nor believe in the doctrine of total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistable grace, nor perseverance of the saints.

You must believe that man is not totally depraved nor would you even consider that he could, of his own Free Will choose a Holy God. It seems you have rejected the doctrine of unconditional election since you perceive that God elected some on the basis of THEIR faith; surely you must think their are some in hell for which Christ shed His precious blood simply by rejecting His grace. And this leads to even more error believing that man can Resist a Sovereign God and His grace!!! My, it is no wonder that you believe also that man can lose his salvation! No wonder!

What exactly do you base you salvation on? You faith? Have you not read that this too is a gift? How can a dead man do anything, unless he be "born again", made alive unto Christ.

What you may not realize is this doctrine of yours is a very dangerous thing. You give to man that glory that only God deserves. Do you not know that Adam, and thus all posterity, DIED, they just didn't get sick!

I will pray for you Joshua. I don't mean that condescendingly, but sorrowfully. You seem to fight so strongly for those doctrines that in no way glorify the KING.

Go back and sincerely seek the favor of Christ and His wisdom. Ask that He teach you the gospel that was once delivered to the saints. As I said before, the doctrine of election led men to try and throw Christ over the cliff. And many left Him and walked no more with Him..........don't be one of them.

In His Grace,