Today begins our annual Fund Raiser for The Highway. As most of our regular members and visitors know, this is when an appeal is made for people who have benefited from The Highway's online presence to support us and help defray the ever-increasing costs involved to maintain, update and improve both the main website and this discussion board. To those of you, although few in number who have helped us out in the past, we want to say how much we appreciate your involvement and your heart-warming gifts. But unfortunately, what has come in has fallen far short of our actual needs. Simply put, there must be an increase in donations if The Highway is to continue.

There are some of you who have donated one time. And there are others who have chosen to given regular on a monthly basis. We do appreciate those of you who chose to send in what the Lord has placed upon your heart that one time. But what we truly need is many more who are willing to send us a small amount monthly. Over the past year we have announced the "Matching Gift Challenge" where donations are matched equally by a group of dedicated supporters up to $75 per month. This idea was initially thought to have been something that would encourage a number of people to get involved in supporting The Highway. For example, if a $5 donation was received, a matching amount of $5 would be added to it thus making that $5 donation $10. Unfortunately, this failed to succeed as was hoped. Then, we introduced some premiums beginning with the embroidered ball caps which were available for a minimum one-time donation. Later we offered the high-quality t-shirts, which too were available for a minimum one-time donation. Once again, there was very little response from the literally thousands of people who frequent the website and this Board. [Linked Image] And shortly, we will be adding some beautiful hand-crafted gift cards from the extremely talented hands of our own "gotribe". Details to be announced in the very near future.

You can imagine how disheartening this lack of support is for those of us who have invested both countless hours and money over the past 10+ years to keep The Highway alive for your benefit. The popularity of The Highway, however, has steadily increased and is nothing short of impressive. But active support has been meager at best. For example, average accesses for the website and the discussion board are in excess of 300,000 per week. In fact, the projected accesses for this week will probably exceed 387,000. One would think that with such popularity that there would be no shortage of donations coming in. We wish that were true. The fact is that unless there is a significant increase in donations this time around, it is unlikely that The Highway will survive.

The future of The Highway is doubtless in the hands of God. And we pray constantly that He would allow it to continue and be a resource for the countless number of people who have visited over the years. But we know that God uses secondary means to accomplish His will and that is mainly through the generous donations of others that The Highway will be able to continue. And thus I and the other Administrators and Moderators ask you to seriously pray and consider supporting The Highway for this coming year.

  • If you would like to make a donation go to this page: Support The Highway Ministry.
  • If you would like one of the currently offered premiums, go here: The Highway Premiums.
  • To contact us for additional information, write to: [email] The Highway Information Request[/email]

In His service and grace,

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simul iustus et peccator

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