Concerning that part of devotion which relates to times and hours of prayer. Of daily early prayer in the morning. How we are to improve our forms of prayer, and how to increase the spirit of devotion.

This Article of the Month would surely be classified as "politically incorrect" for it does nothing to improve one's "self-esteem". In fact, reading through this article can become quite convicting for it really challenges people concerning their personal lives. The author first establishes the premise that one should be up and out of bed fairly early in the morning not because they have to go to work but just from the fact that they are Christians. He then adds that one should be spending time in prayer after that early rising from bed. Doubtless, this will come as a "sticky wicket" for many in modern society who are in the habit of getting out of bed and rush around trying to get themselves ready for work, dressing and feeding the children, if there are any, reading the newspaper, watching the early news on TV or perhaps one of those ghastly soaps.

What all this comes down to is the denying of self, whether it is slothfulness, wrong priorities, etc. and spending time with the Lord of heaven Who provides for all our needs.

If at this point you are thinking you would rather pass on reading this article, then perhaps you are one which needs to read it most.

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