Is your conversion genuine? Honestly apply to yourself the following tests.
First, in the season of retirement from the noise and business of the world, or during the secret hours of the Sabbath, or in your secret devotions, what are your thoughts, what is the real temper of your mind?
Do you know God, commune with and delight in Him?
Is His Word precious, is prayer a welcome exercise?
Do you delight in God’s perfections and esteem Him for His absolute supremacy and sovereignty?
Do you feel and lament your remaining blindness and ignorance?
Do you mourn over your lack of conformity to God’s law and your natural contrariety to it, and hate yourself for it?
Do you watch and pray and fight against the corruption of your heart? Not indeed as you should, but do you really and sincerely do so at all?

Second, what are the grounds of your love to God?
From what motives are you influenced to love Him? Because you believe He loves you? or because He appears infinitely great and glorious in Himself?
Are you glad that He is infinitely holy, that He knows and sees all things, that He possesses all power?
Does it suit your heart that God governs the world, and requires that all creatures should bow in the dust before Him, that He alone may be exalted?
Does it appear perfectly reasonable that you should love God with all your heart, and do you loathe and resist everything contrary to Him?
Do you feel yourself to be wholly to blame for not being altogether such as the law requires?

Third, is there being formed within you a disposition to love your neighbor as yourself, so that you wish and seek only his good?
Do you hate and morn over any contrary spirit within you?
Honest answers to these questions should enable you to ascertain your real spiritual state.

[Excerpt from The Doctrine of Sanctification by A.W. Pink]

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