The season of Benedict XVI’s Papal reign is passing. Now, late in the day, a dark specter has appeared in the form of a major financial scandal swirling around the Vatican bank. The Pope seems uninterested in dealing with such issues. Maybe, rightly so, for in the not too distant past, John Paul I suddenly died when he attempted to look into the then current scandals at the Banco Ambrosiano. Reportedly, Benedict XVI has retreated to his library. Is he safe there from the power struggles, and perhaps deadly intrigues that now surround him? Is it there that he will deal truthfully with the deceptions that he, as Cardinal Ratzinger and now, also as Pope, has perpetrated? These factors are dealt with in our article called, “Is the Pope in Jeopardy?”
Big doings are happening in the Vatican which would make a great 'cloak & dagger' hollywood film.

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