New Calvinism is a movement that is sweeping across the Church in the USA and moving to the UK, and into other countries around the world. Many Christians may not be familiar with the term, and so my task in two talks, is to explain the phenomenon of New Calvinism, a movement that claims to be behind a resurgence of the reformed teachings of John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards. Led by some of the biggest names in the evangelical world, New Calvinism gives the appearance of doctrinal soundness. But on closer examination, we see a different picture. We see a movement that is bringing the world into the church—a movement that puts no difference between the holy and the profane. I hope to demonstrate that the problem of New Calvinism lies in both doctrine and conduct.
This is a two-part series which focuses upon the leading individuals and groups behind what has become popularly known as "New Calvinism". We hope to have more articles dealing with this movement in the very near future. Doubtless, there are some who are going to be offended at the mention and critique of those mentioned, but we feel it is essential that this subject be made widely known and that people are informed so as to be able to discern the truth in all knowledge and wisdom.

Here are the direct links to these articles:

- Who Are The New Calvinists - Part 1
- Who Are The New Calvinists - Part 2

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