For this month, the focus is upon the necessity to know HOW TO biblically present the Gospel for the purpose of proclaiming the great truths of redemption in Christ. Typically, when speaking of the Gospel it often necessary to defend the faith (Jude 1:3). The late Greg Bahnsen who begins his short presentation with these salient words:

The very reason why Christians are put in the position of giving a reasoned account of the hope that is in them is that not all men have faith. Because there is a world to be evangelized (men who are unconverted), there is the need for the believer to defend his faith: Evangelism naturally brings one into apologetics. This indicates that apologetics is no mere matter of “intellectual jousting”; it is a serious matter of life and death - eternal life and death.

It is our desire that all who choose to read this article will not only learn something fundamental about their professed faith, e.g., the necessity of bringing the Gospel to a fallen world, but be motivated to be better grounded in the knowledge of God's inspired written word, which is the "power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes" (Rom 1:16) so that perhaps if God wills, repentance of sin and faith in the Lord Christ will result, even though it might be just a "planting" or a "watering" for the Lord might bring forth the increase (1Cor 3:7-9).

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