We live in an age of forgetfulness and a pre-occupation with the trivia of life. Pleasure, fun, work, entertainment and secular interests have occupied centre-stage in many Protestant homes and churches. It is a mindless age as less people are concerned with using their God-given mental faculties in searching and studying the Scriptures or delving deep into the historic past concerning our glorious spiritual heritage. There is more self-styled man-centred new fangled ways of worshipping God. The Reformation of the 16th century still has significant relevant lessons and applications for the 21st century church after more than 500 years.

Dr. Jack Sin is our guest author for this month's Article of the Month. He would have us take a stroll back into history and ponder some of the marvelous truths and far-reaching benefits we have inherited from that period of time and more specifically, from those who lived during those days. Much has been given not only to those who profess to be disciples of Christ, but even to the entire world. Doing a comparison between the Church of the Protestant Reformation and the contemporary church of our present day is most surprising and instructive.

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