‘Tis Mine To Obey Out Of Love And Awe

Making my calling and election sure
I must decrease, He must increase,
Fairest Lord Jesus so holy and pure
Your love for me will never cease.

Out of deep love I seek to obey
Your commandments I so truly love,
Your Spirit sanctifies day by day
To please my Father above.

Regeneration didst form Christ in me
Union with Christ O’ glory divine,
God’s law on new heart, obedience to Thee
Creation anew, I am no longer mine.

I walk in the Spirit who lives inside
Mortifying flesh which seeks to fight,
I walk the narrow path, both true and tried
And keep Jesus close forever in sight.

O’ Jesus’ love, how I love His commands
ABBA Father, How I love Thy law,
‘Tis Jesus who kept the law’s demands
‘Tis mine to obey out of love and awe.

By, Richard D. Bates