Another very good article by Dr. Paul Elliott which addresses a doctrine and practice which became very popular in the '70s but in a way not so surprising is still alive in our own day. The matter the author brings to us which has been addressed before by others (see the two articles on The Highway by Ernest Reisinger and L.R. Shelton), is "The Carnal Christian". In short, it is the belief that one can be truly regenerated/converted and yet exhibit little or no indication of such in their life. When we look at God's written Word, is this a phenomena that can stand up to truth? Dr. Elliott looks at several passages that deal directly with what a professing Christian's life should be, i.e., one who has actually been brought to life spiritually by the Spirit's work of regeneration and then that life's expression through the indwelling Spirit's working of sanctification (cf. Eph 2:8-10; Phil 2:11-13; et al).

So, we have another light being shone upon an old corner of darkness to bring us to remembrance that there is really nothing new under the sun, but some things appear in another form in order to deceive the unwary.

Enjoy this article and may it do what the author hopes it will do for many.

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