Given the current climate (NOT a reference to the meritless man-made climate change rolleyes2) that many/most are living in by the overreaction of many governments to the COVID19 virus, the political climate now in the U.S. with the election of two radical socialist/communists to the office of President and Vice President, the rapid decomposition of the majority of dead or terminally ill churches... or whatever, many find themselves in some state of depression. The most uttered lament is typically, "What can I do? All seems so hopeless and I feel so helpless!" The answer is not to be found in some quack psychological gibberish or worse yet the anti-Christian therapy of a psychiatrist along with a prescription of some drug. Believe it or not God has provided the answer for your trouble(s). This February's Article of the Month is quite short and compact but straight to the point which will guide you to being that perky, smiley, joyful person you once were, despite your current circumstances. giggle

Okay, so what is this article anyway? It is sound biblical advice from Dr. Jay E. Adams who is best known for his truly Christian "Nouthetic Counseling" vs. the world's humanistic, ever changing pagan discoveries of psychology/psychiatry. Hey, read the article. What do you have to lose, except your being "down"? scratchchin grin

Read this month's article now by clicking here: What Do You Do When You Become Depressed?.


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