Ephesians ii. 1. “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins;”


Look at the words before your eyes, and ponder them well. Search your own heart, and do not lay down this paper without solemn self-inquiry. I meet you this day with one simple question,—Are you among the living, or among the dead?

Listen to me while I try to help you to an answer. Give me your attention, while I unfold this matter, and show you what God has said about it in the Scriptures. If I say hard things, it is not because I do not love you. I write as I do, because I desire your salvation. He is your best friend, who tells you the most truth.
How many spiritual "zombies" do you think walk this earth, claiming and at times even appearing to be alive, i.e., "saved" yet they are still dead in their sins and enemies of God? This is not a new phenomenon, for Ryle preached this sermon over 100 years ago. But the numbers of these deceived individuals is increasing at a frightening rate. J.C. Ryle opens up what the Word of God says about true life in Christ and the death which we all born with. Truly, this is the Good News that we all need to hear, whether for the first time or by renewal.

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