As the visible church continues in its downward slide, both theologically and in practice, i.e., it's conformity to the world I thought it would be a good time to revisit the issue of the worship of God. And to focus our attention on the subject of music for the church and specifically in its worship. What a person truly believes in the heart will most always come to expression in how that person worships their 'deity'. Reformation Bible Church evidently decided that it should address this issue head on and make a statement declaring where it stood on this matter. Thus, they published a "position paper" so that there was no question what they believed. This month's article is that position paper which I believe is biblically grounded and one which should be seriously considered by anyone who professes to be a believer in the Lord Christ. This is not a long dissertation but rather a rather compact statement that covers several areas which are most important. Those areas are:
  • Singing in Scripture
  • Singing Today
  • The Character of Music
  • The Words
  • The Music
  • The Performance
  • Conclusion

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