Sometimes it is beneficial to return to "the basics" and do a review of those fundamental truths that are too often forgotten. This month's article does just that. The fundamental truths which the late Ernest Reisinger wrote about are the biblical doctrinal system of the faith; Calvinism, and one of the two main responsibilities of the Church and its members; evangelism. With the rapid erosion of sound doctrine there inextricably comes a distortion or even rejection of the Gospel. The result is always, without exception... FATAL! So, this month's article reviews both of these subjects and shows how they are inseparable despite what the majority view(s) of the world thinks. FYI, whenever you come across the writings of Ernest Reisinger don't pass them by. He was one of those 'notobles' which God blessed throughout his life and who was a blessing to those around him. BigThumbUp

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