A bit of nostalgia here... rolleyes2 Those of you who are a bit older, like me, might remember the early '70s when the Catholic Church had "Folk Masses" and some local parishes had "Speaking in Tongues classes". The Charismatic Movement managed to infiltrate myriad trans-denominational/independent churches. Billy Graham was an international "celebrity". And the "I Found It!" campaign became popular... and so much more. One of the most recommended books during that time and for quite some time thereafter was Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. He became even more well known for some of his fictional writings, e.g., The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe series and Perelandra trilogy. But what most people don't know is who C.S. Lewis was personally. In particular, what is most salient for professing believers to know is what did the man believe about the Bible and his theology that was the basis for his writings and most importantly Mere Christianity.

John Robbins, who is now with the Lord, did his research and discovered much about C.S. Lewis which we should be aware of. Some, of course, may already be privy to what Dr. Robbins reveals in his article, but I suspect that most have no clue as to who the real C.S. Lewis was. Well, now is your opportunity to be informed which is always a good thing. BigThumbUp

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