As many probably know by now, in Canada Bill C-4 will become law on January 12th.
In many Churches across Canada and the USA, in opposition to this Bill and similar things like it in the USA; they will be preaching on what the Bible says about homosexuality and sexual purity. More and more Churches are joining in the fight, starting January 16th 2022.
There is a supposed “Reformed movement” in recent years come out against many of the stands taken by much of the Reformed community. I am talking about a movement called the “Gospel Coalition” which is on both sides of the Canada, USA border.
A friend of mine made me aware of what the Gospel Coalition has stated on this particular issue.
Preaching on Bill C-4 on the January 16th would be considered adversarial!

"It is not clear that preaching on Biblical passages espousing a biblical ethic of sexuality is now illegal. That matter has yet to be adjudicated in the courts. Bill C-4 nowhere uses that language and all initial assurances are that it does not intend to criminalize religious expression in any of the contexts suggested in the letter. Furthermore, there are robust protections in the Canadian Charter that would seem to make such an adjudication by the court extremely unlikely. The possibility is there, to be sure, but as of now, not the reality. Many would suggest that the concession of illegality at this point in the process is unhelpful."

"While I cannot speak for all pastors in Canada, I for one am hopeful that the church will not be drawn into an adversarial posture toward the LGBTQ community."
The Gospel Coalition has proven themselves time and time again, not to be trusted.
Issues like the Social Justice movement, their cofounder Tim Keller saying that Theistic Evolution is perfectly compatible with the Bible and even their own members who have preached against “Theistic Evolution”in the past have not called him out on it, or other false teaching he believes such as “The Way of the Monk”.
Now they come out with this about Bill C-4 and expect Christians to agree with them.
Unfortunately, I have witnessed otherwise sound pastors agree with the Gospel Coalition concerning this and Covid-19 government overreach; which seems to be connected to their interpretation of Romans 13.
Another example of a popular Gospel Coalition pastor openly stating that Pastor John MacArthur may have ruined over 50 years of ministry with the stance him and the Church he pastors takes against the government on Covid restrictions.