THAT which is now to engage our attention is the constitution of the Person of Christ, not as He existed from all eternity with the Father and the Holy Spirit, but as He was upon earth working out the salvation of His Church, and as He now is in heaven at God’s right hand. It was an essential part of His covenant-engagement that the beloved Son should become the Surety of His people, and in order thereto, assume their nature into union with His Divine Person, and thus become God and man in the Person of one Christ. In consequence of that union, all the fulness of the Godhead dwells in Him bodily or personally, in a manner and to an extent it does not, will not, and cannot, in any other. This is the next greatest mystery which is revealed in Holy Writ, being the foundation upon which the Church is built (Matt. 16:18), and concerning which a belief thereof is absolutely essential unto salvation. It is therefore impossible to overestimate the importance, blessedness, and value of this truth.
The doctrine of the nature of the incarnate Christ is a foundational doctrine of the Christian faith which all sects deny and unfortunately some professing Christian churches ignore, distort or even deny as essential. It is my unwavering belief that every professing believer should be well versed in this doctrine and be able to defend it as God has enabled them. And, that the knowledge of this deep 'mystery' will benefit one's soul and increase that person's wonder, adoration and worship of the Savior, The Lord Christ.

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