Wisdom from the past that is more than applicable and necessary for today is from John Angell James (1785-1859). After two latest mass shootings everyone has an opinion as to what should be done. Of course the Socialist/Communist Left immediately condemns the firearm and demands that the entire population be disarmed which will bring perfect tranquility and harmony between all men. Others are more intelligent and recommend the 'hardening' of schools, the removal of "gun free zones", stricter gun laws, red flag laws, mental health improvements, and/or a combination of these and myriad other actions. But the one thing that caught my attention most was that many suggested that a major problem in our modern society is the lack of a "fear of God". Unknown to the vast majority who echoed that lament is that on the surface they were correct but they have no clue what that means. Living by the 10 Commandments is not synonymous with a fear of God. And more fundamental is the question, "Which God?"

Proper training of children is where John Angell James begins, especially the upbringing of young men. As you read his words of wisdom which are soundly rooted in Scripture, you might be surprised that what was taking place in the 1700s among the youth is no different than what we see in our own day... yes even with our own children. And why is that? Because the heart of man is universally corrupt and has been from the day that Adam sinned against God. And, this will be true until Christ returns and the New Heaven and New Earth is revealed. However, there can be a radical change in the hearts of man in the interim because the Holy Spirit can and does regenerate the evil hearts and minds of those whom God has chosen to save and unite with the Lord Christ. James realizes that only that can truly make a significant and positive change, however, there are the means which are provided which can make some changes nevertheless which should be used to the raising of the youth. Methinks you will all benefit from his godly and biblical wisdom.

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