This month's article is a very special one for me personally. It sealed my conscience in regard to my being a "black sheep" in my first church and as a new believer who embraced what we call the "Doctrines of Grace". It also motivated me to seek out and read Puritan works, and what the Protestant Reformation was really all about. And most importantly, it made me realize just how indispensable reading God's inspired Word was as a source of truth and knowing the God who had reached down and dragged me out of the pit in which I once lived.

J.I. Packer is the author of this "Introductory Essay" which is probably one of the best of Packer's writings. He shows that John Owen's treatise "The Death of Death in the Death of Christ" is a masterpiece which covers nearly ever facet of the Lord Christ's atonement in detail. And, he exposes the fallacy of the view that Christ died for all yet secured the salvation of anybody. The actual treatise is found in Volume 10 of Owen's "Works" which is a worthwhile challenge to read through as is much of what Owen wrote. I have little doubt that most everyone will truly enjoy Packer's Introductory Essay and perhaps many will be moved in a similar manner by the Spirit to develop a love for the Puritan works but most importantly, to see either for the first time or by renewal the riches of God which is contained in the Bible.

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