God makes everything right—always—no matter what, if you’re a believer. Believers are continually being brought to the sense of their wrong, in order that they would know what not to do, in their repentance; We are also brought to the sense of God’s love in order to know what to do (Rom 2:4). What to do and not do is the beginning of that which is beyond the dos and don’ts, which is, how to be; and this is where it all brings us to—the status of His Son’s holiness.

He would not have us ignorant of our sins! The more we see of the stain of them, the more it makes us remorseful and therefore ever repenting over them. Thus it makes it easier not to repeat something we know for certain, by the Word of God, is wrong and is sin. But we are to remember that this obedience does not make us a Christian but rather shows we are a Christian.

For it’s the doing of God’s will that manifests the primary significance of it all—which is in the continual desire to do “His good pleasure.” Yes, believers often stumble with unintentional sin, but the point of it all is in the desire of God’s will, which becomes more important to us all the time! Then it is the saint increasing more all the time to minimize the sin, so we can think more on the holiness!

In all our sin, and joy of it being “forgiven,” we continue to “draw nigh to God,” in order that He may “draw nigh to you”; and there’s no greater accomplishment and encouragement than always being in the right fellowship with God. The sins of the saint will become ever more impulsive (like anger, jealousy, etc.) rather than intentional, and this is because of the new nature (“new man”) which His Holy Spirit uses to guide and enable us. Therefore one will not continue on any path that is known to lead to sin, and He will make certain of that (Phl 2:13).

If it’s a problem with an addiction, it will not matter of what type, He will being you through and well beyond it, if you’re His. He will bring you to your sense of wrong and sin, which will engage you to do whatever it takes to do His will; and knowing you’re a true Christian will provide the needed guidance for you to just give it up. It’s die in Christ, or die in sin; in another sense—Christ or bust!

The place of holiness the Lord Jesus brings us to is the place of the most extreme spiritual reality, and is the sum of all our obedience and love to Him and the Father; and our blessings to Their precious Holy Spirit, who makes everything that is in Them, to be within us.

The Christian life is not our living a life like Christ, or our trying to be Christ-like, nor is it Christ giving us the power to live a life like His; but it is Christ Himself living His own life through us; 'no longer I, but Christ.’” -MJS