“I do not become devoted in the true sense until I have found my rest in the Lord Jesus. I am, up to this point, rather looking to receive from Him. I am more an object to myself; but when I find how fully I am an object to Him, then my heart is at liberty to make Him its object, He having made me His.” —J B Stoney

“It is a wonderful moment for the soul when by faith we occupy our position in the favor of our Father—when we know that we are received by Him in all the “acceptance” of the Lord Jesus Christ (Eph 1:6). We do not then think of ourselves, of our worthiness or unworthiness at all. We think of the Lord Jesus—His perfections, His suitability to divine favor, His infinite acceptance with the Father—and by faith, we have access into the favor of which He is so worthy” (1Co 11:27, 29; Col 1:10; 2Th 1:5; Rev 3:4). —C A Coates

“May you retire into the secret of your heart and wait on the Father, and think that His heart is so relieved of everything about you, that He sees you according to the Son at His right hand. Amidst all the confusion and contrariety of this scene I know how my Father feels about me.” —J B Stoney

“Our Lord Jesus, who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him” (1Th 5:10). Can anything affect your heart so much as the way the man in Christ is received in the new position? What I press now is the right that we have to be in the place, and that it is not only that I delight to be there, but the ineffable thought is that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ delights to have me in His place, sharing His joys.” —J B Stoney

“When I look at this place, He is not here; and when I look at myself naturally I am not fit for Him. How happy then to know that I belong to the place where He is; and that in Him, through grace, I am made suited to Him in that new place above.” —J B Stoney

“Let my circumstances be what they may, if I can see them ordered for me unfailingly by One in Whom infinite wisdom, power and goodness combine, and whose love toward me I am assured of, my restlessness is gone, my will subjected to that Other will in which I can but acquiesce and delight.” —F W Grant

“In every trial, however gloomy, there are gleams of light and relief; but full deliverance is often delayed by our anxiety to obtain it. God Himself, and not the deliverance, is to be the satisfaction of His servant; consequently the deliverance is often postponed until we are without prospect or expectation of it. Then it may be accorded in a manner so transcendently beyond our conception, that we must see and understand the love and interest which surrounded us during the whole period of our trial.” —J B Stoney

“In everything we are enriched by Him” (1Co 1:5). The favor of our Father is given to us in Christ Jesus, and in everything we are enriched in Him. If we are not happy it is because we have lost sight of the favor given us in Him. In our foolishness we turn to the world or look into our own hearts instead of keeping our eyes on the Lord Jesus, the risen and exalted Man in Whom the Father has given us His favor.” —C A Coats

“The nearer you are to the Father the happier you are. You come in now in all the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then you find that not only has all the offences been removed, but that the Father has been so fully glorified by the Son that the nearer you come to Him, the more you are assured of His love.”—J B Stoney

“Your Father wants you to have the gladness of knowing that you are in the favor and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ, the risen and glorified Man. He would not give you anything less than this; and you could not desire anything more. He would have the faith and affection of your heart turned from yourself to Himself (Col 3:1-3).” —J B Stoney

“Could it be possible that the Father would so love and individual as to give His only Son to die for him, and still love him to the extent of following him with the pleadings and drawings of His grace until He has won that soul into His own family and created him anew by the impartation (“not essentially, or of the essence of God, so as to be deified, this is impossible, for the nature, perfections, and glory of God, are incommunicable”—J Gill) to creatures of His own divine nature (2Pe 1:4), and then be careless as to what becomes of the one He has thus given His all to procure?”—L S Chafer

“The heart must enter into something more than the look behind into those mighty waters of judgement, out of which the Lord Jesus rose, having left our sins, and death, and judgment forever! Such a joy would never carry us through the desert where faith and patience are tried and tested every day. It needs that the heart be carried into the glory beyond, in the present realization of peace with the Father, and the consciousness of standing in His present favor, the favor that is better than life itself.” —F G Patterson

“It is in the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in Whom the Father rests, and will rest forever; but then the Lord Jesus, having borne and blotted out my sins by His own Blood, had united me to Himself in heaven. He descended from above, bringing the Father down to us here; He has ascended, placing us in union with Himself there. The Father finds the Lord Jesus precious; He finds me, in Him precious also.” —J N Darby

“We cannot be in the presence of our Father in innocence, for we are guilty; so that we must be there in His righteousness (guiltless but not sinless—NC), and that place which used to repel us now forms me into a likeness of itself. I am not simply tolerated there, I am at home, and where the distance was, there is now my nearness and attraction.” —J B Stoney

“I believe that when a man has a real understanding that he belongs to that new place, the Spirit of God delights his heart with the things of that place. I used to pity those who are alone in the world. I pity no one now who has a room where he can find himself isolated from every one, to be with the Lord Jesus where He is; where he can have his feathers oiled to come out, and face all the roughness here.” —J B Stoney

“The Lord Jesus did not merely die to put away my sins, but to give me the infinite privilege of being positioned before the Father in all His own acceptance and loveliness. I could not be in heaven if it were not so—if it were only that sins were put away. God cannot have anything in heaven merely negative. Mere absence of evil is not enough there. If we are to be in heaven at all, our Father must have us there, lovely in all the loveliness of His Beloved Son; and that, as far as the new man is concerned, He communicates to us here and now” (Eph 2:13). —J N Darby

“One of the great secrets of growth is the looking upon the Lord Jesus as gracious. How strengthening it is, to know that He is at this moment feeling and exercising the same love and grace towards me as when He died upon the Cross for me.” —J N Darby

The Christian life is not our living a life like Christ, or our trying to be Christ-like, nor is it Christ giving us the power to live a life like His; but it is Christ Himself living His own life through us; 'no longer I, but Christ.’” -MJS