With the sudden notoriety of the "Asbury Revival" at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky which, according to their website is "grounded in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition", it seemed good to me to take a look at what the Bible teaches about true revival. Yes, the Holy Spirit has moved upon this earth at different times to bring "revival" upon us. And, albeit there are some incredible works which have already been written in history, for example Jonathan Edwards' most analytical treatises on revival, "Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God", and his famous "Narrative of Surprising Conversions", a detailed account of the famous revival of religion at Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1735, which are currently available in paperback titled Jonathan Edwards on Revival. However, my desire with this month's Article of the Month is to offer a simple yet broad definition of Revival by which one can compare what has happened at Asbury with God's Word and thus make an accurate and most necessary judgment about what actually occurred there.

You can read this month's article here: What is a True Revival?.

Or, for later reading at a more convenient time, you can visit The Highway website and click on the "Article of the Month" logo where you will find this month's article and all previous articles of the month. I also plan on providing another biblical perspective on the "Asbury Revival" by another author who is a friend and pastor who has contributed to The Highway over the years. smile

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