I am studying Calvin’s view of the government and their citizens. As well as John Knox and later Samuel Rutherford’s theory of ‘Lex Rex’, considering “just revolution”.
Calvin believed that citizens do not have the right to rise up in armed force against the government when they become tyrants. Whereas, Rutherford believed that it is the duty of citizens to rise up and even use force where necessary when the government becomes tyrannical.
People like Francis Schaffer, advocated in his book ‘A Christian Manifesto’ for Rutherford’s ‘Lex Rex’ position.
While Sam Waldron advocated for Calvin’s view. Which he wrote about in his book ‘Political Revolution in the Reformed Tradition’.
Neither Calvin nor Waldron advocate for ‘pacifism’ in the traditional ‘Ana-Baptist’ sense.

At present, although I intend to read more, including Francis Schaffer’s book ‘A Christian Manifesto’.
However, so far I believe Sam Waldron makes a good case in advocating for Calvin’s position.
He states that we see nothing in Scripture, that would advocate for armed resistance to the government.
He stresses very strongly, that when the government oversteps their God given authority, Christians should not obey. Regardless of the consequences.

If anyone has any comments, that might be helpful in a study like this, I would appreciate it.