Most should be aware by this time of the horrible shooting of 3 young children and 3 adults at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee on March 27, 2023. The shooter was a 28 year old transgender woman, which the main street media rarely makes known. All of our hearts doubtless sank when we heard the news and we grieved for the parent's loss; especially those of us who have lost a child. The big question which typically dominates the nation is WHY? Why did this woman choose to deliberately and violently take the lives of 6 unknown human beings? The answer on the surface is contained in the shooter's "Manifesto" which is not being made public at this time, but perhaps after all the legal necessities are completed it will be revealed. Of course there is the political rantings going on with myriad speculations. Some even have the courage to state that this woman was 'evil' and/or 'wicked', but the majority are "offended" at such statements. That which really penetrates my mind and heart is that all of these speculations deal with the external symptoms and none even ponder, never mind mention the actual cause of this heinous act of murdering six people. The TRUTH, which is inherently hated and rejected by all mankind. is that every single individual at conception possesses a corruption of nature, a depraved nature that is governed by sin and the power of the Evil One, the 'Prince of the power of the air" (Eph 2:2). We ALL, wrote Paul under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, are by nature children of wrath (Eph 2:2,3). What does that mean when he also wrote that we are all born dead in sin? It means that every one of us is capable of what this woman did, in fact, by nature we ALL have the potential of committing any of the most infamous and unconscionable atrocities every recorded in history. And, the only reason we haven't done such things is due to the providence and power of God's restraint. If you are aware of these things because God has visited you and dragged you out of the miry pit in which you lived in times past, given you a new heart and brought you to the feet of the Lord Christ to confess your sins and grasped Him in faith, you are most fortunate and favored by God... give thanks and worship Him for His love and grace. (1Cor 1:25-31)

So, this month's Article of the Month, by author David Black, dwells on the "deceitfulness of heart" and how it can and does so easily convince the owner of it that all is basically well with his soul. Sinful pride rules the thoughts and hides the truth of our corrupt nature, most often pointing fingers of guilt toward others. May this God-inspired truth be yours and live within your inmost recesses of your mind and heart. For there you will find deliverance from false assurance and rejoice that only in Christ Jesus does one find peace with God.

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