“I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the Lord.”- Jeremiah xxiv. 7.

WITH what blindness has sin smitten the heart of man, for man does not know his own Maker! It is implied in the text that in his heart he is ignorant of Jehovah, though in him he lives, and moves, and has his being. What an impotence has sin brought upon the mind of man, since being ignorant of God he is also incapable of finding him out! This also may be most readily gathered from the text. The fact that a promise is made in the covenant that to the chosen shall be given hearts to know the Lord is a clear proof that without the divine teaching, and without the reception of a new heart from the Lord, man not only does not know, but cannot find out his God. Thou boastest of thy intellect, O vain man, but thy foolish heart is darkened so that thou stumblest in the noonday as at midnight. Thou hast eyes, and thou sayest “I see,” but thine eyes are closed, thine ears are dull of hearing, and thy heart has waxed gross; and so dull has thy soul become that only he who formed the ear can make thee hear, and only he who fashioned the eye can give thee sight. How can we sufficiently admire the condescension of God, that he should stoop to instruct the heart of man!
John Calvin is often accredited with saying that the two most important and necessary one needs to know and will know should God grant him repentance and faith is how sinful man, but particularly himself is and how sovereign and holy God is. Calvin wasn't sure which, if that is the case, comes first. But they are two sides of the same coin.

Well, the renown Charles Spurgeon certainly understood these truths regardless of their actual origin and brings them to our reminder or perhaps our first exposure to them in this sermon he preached back in December of 1874. And it is my firm conviction (not just opinion) that they are woefully unknown today and even denied by many and thus it is worth making them heard and read in our day once again.

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