This month's article will be a 'burden' to some due to its length. Yes, in our contemporary society which has had its mind numbed with 15 second sound bites rather than full news reports... and where in far too many churches sermons are 20 minute friendly talks interspersed with 'uplifting' musical ditties, a sermon from our forefathers will be painful. [Linked Image] However, be that as it may, I for one will not be transformed into this world's lack of interest in the things of God and I pray there will be many of the same mind who, although struggle to keep the faith (who doesn't?), will receive Rev. Ralph Erskine's sermon, "The Father's Love to the Son, and Depositing All Things into His Hand, A Strong Encouragement to Faith". Thus, the length and depth of Erskine's words are actually the cure for what ails us... strange how that works. grin Interesting enough, this sermon was delivered before the administration of the Lord's Supper where the call for poor needy sinner's is given to come to the Table to receive the elements of Christ's sacrifice and love for them who labour and are heavy laden. Some, perhaps many even in the 1700's experienced those things which weigh us down in our own day, not excluding doubts about faith, or even fear for our very souls as we contemplate life after death. This is pastoral preaching at its best! Read it and be blessed by the knowledge of Christ's love and power to save lost and/or tired souls to the uttermost.

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