It is well known that China has a tyrannical social credit system, that controls what the people can and cannot do. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, actually praised China for their social credit system.

Churches in China have been torn down for not complying with their agenda.
Yet, it is also fairly known that China is largest supplier of Bibles in the world.
They ship out billions of Bibles mainly to the west every year that are inexpensive.
Crossway who are Bible producers for example are in China, for that very reason, because they are inexpensive in China.
I am also told that many of these Bibles are sold in China as well; despite the Bible seemingly conflicting with their agenda.
China of course makes a lot of money for selling Bibles and other products.
However, there seems to be a contradiction here.
Their Social Credit system and selling Bibles and other religious books, etc.., seem to conflict with each other.
The leaders in China are rumoured to be wanting to write a Bible that changes the Gospel message, to make them Lord.
I am told that Christianity is actually growing in China faster than any other country, regardless of the fact that Christians in China are persecuted for their faith.

I seem to be missing something in the equation and am wondering if someone might be able to tell me, what I could be missing in what seems to be a contradiction in the equation?
Can anyone shed a bit of light?

I know a few Reformed Christians that do not seem to believe reports out of China, concerning their Social Credit system. They believe the truth might be that the west are more the tyrants than China.