We are dealing now with a group of people who, apart from this doctrine, are genuinely orthodox. They have no doubt whatever that justification is by faith alone. And when they speak of justification, they mean the remission of sins by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the incarnate second person of the Godhead, who was born of the Virgin Mary, fulfilled the law on our behalf, was delivered up for our offenses, and rose again bodily for our justification.

Likewise, faith in Him is of the orthodox variety. One must truly believe that He is the divine Son of God and Savior of the world. This is an orthodox faith, which professes Christ alone as the sole basis of salvation. These people preach Christ and Him crucified. There can be no doubt of it, and we are happy to give them full credit for their unwavering allegiance to the inspiration of Holy Scripture and to the supernaturalism of biblical redemption.

Their “minus” is not against the person of Christ directly, or the nature of justifying faith directly, it has to do with the works that must follow a justified state.
Again, a very important lesson concerning a group of people/churches which have always been around, it seems, which have been problematic. We have some appear here on the board in the past and unfortunately caused no little stir and friction among some. They are infamously known as "Antinominans". Now, another unfortunate truth is that the term is used in various ways; some rightly and some deceptively wrongly. And, what is so important about knowing about this 'antinominianism'? Is it just one of those things which must results in the "agree to disagree" doctrines that has basis to break fellowship over? Or, is it a fundamental doctrine upon which a person's salvation rests? Are you one who is basically confused about Antinomianism or perhaps has a genuine interest in finding out what it really is all about and if it is something you should avoid with all seriousness? The good news is that the late Dr. John Gerstner is here to the rescue. grin

In this month's article, Dr. Gerstner breaks down and the ins and outs of Antinominanism so that all the confusion is dispelled and the truth of the matter is laid bare. His step-by-step approach make it very simple to grasp this issue and to see where it all ends and what the Christian should believe and do with this doctrine and those who espouse it. As with all that Gerstner has taught on controversial issues, he is fair in his presentation(s) but clearly truthful and most importantly... biblical.

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