There are many who say, “Who will show us any good? Lord lift You up the light of Your countenance upon us." (Psalm 4:6)

Worldly people ask "Who will bring us prosperity?" But It is the great desire of the true believer to have the light of the Lord's countenance lifted up upon them.

Worldly people inquire for good, not for the chief good; all they want is outward good, present good, partial good, good meat, good drink, a good trade, and a good estate; but what are all these worth? Any good will serve the turn of most men, but a gracious soul will not be put off so. Lord, let us have thy favor, and let us know that we have it, we desire no more; let us be satisfied of thy loving-kindness, and will be satisfied with it. Many inquire after happiness, but David had found it. When God puts grace in the heart, he puts gladness in the heart. Thus comforted, he pitied, but neither envied nor feared the most prosperous sinner. He commits all his affairs to God, and is prepared to welcome His holy will.

~ Matthew Henry