March's 'Article of the Month' is a full course meal served on a small plate. giggle In short, it will require some 'chewing' to digest the food served but there isn't a lot of material on the plate. So, what is Edwards' subject that requires some exercise of mind? It is the necessity of the atonement of Jesus Christ. The late Prof. John Murray answered the question, "Why did Christ have to die?", with... It was "antecedently, absolutely necessary!" Put another way, For God to redeem a sinner of Adam's fallen race, there was no other possible way that could be accomplished other than God Himself becoming a man, living a perfectly righteous life and paying the infinite punishment due to fulfill the law and appease the God offended. So, Jonathan Edwards deals with this question in his own unique way addressing certain objections and questions on this subject. I hope some will come to appreciate what he wrote and thus increase your understanding of the immensity of God's love and grace in providing a Savior for us poor needy souls.

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