I was recently sent something by a fellow Amillennial; that I really do not know
a lot about.
The context was that he is suspect of anyone who holds to Dispensationalism who teaches against the United Nations.
I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the following?

“Tom Hardy I have read the UN charter and the universal declaration of human Rights, and they are just and wise documents. They are essentially international treaties that we're not going to go to war with one another out of aggression. I've heard it several times over the last few decades preached that the UN is an evil organization, and the general premise has been that any attempt by human strength to create peace must be a counterfeit. In the context of a prevailing belief in pre-tribulationism and the false doctrine that the Antichrist will bring peace helps make people see international Peace treaties as something to do with the Antichrist. The Antichrist makes war, the Antichrist is lawless and violent and aggressive. He is not a peacemaker. Those preachers who turn people's minds towards suspicion of peace, as though that's something that smells like the antichrist, are doing everyone a terrible disservice.”