Great to see you again, Johan! BigThumbUp

So, along with women elders, and who knows what else... it would appear that Pentecostalism has made entry into that congregation, i.e., non-cessationism where God speaks directly to individuals. Thus, the Scriptures take second place to the source of absolute truth found ONLY in God's infallible revelation to His church; the Bible. Your comment about this is identical to how I have dealt with this issue when it surfaced. IF God, Christ, and/or the Spirit "told you" such and such, and someone else claims the same source but with something that contradicts what the first person claims to have 'heard'... then what? scratch1 R.C. Sproul, Sr. once (perhaps many times) via an anecdote related one individual who said that God spoke to him and told him blah, blah, blah and thus all should heed what he had to say. Sproul responded and said that God also spoke to him that same evening and told him that whatever this individual would say is nothing more than 'horse pucky". There is no effective response to Sproul's counter story. rofl

I am equally offended that the two pastors would frame their letter in the manner they did. It has the appearance of saying that the "Bult" has been the result of Christ's personal and specific work and thus it sits upon a pedestal above and beyond other congregations because of this special working of Christ. And of course, their asking members for what "they heard from the Spirit" (Holy Spirit) and implied that any such communication would be of great interest and possibly need to be obeyed. Of course, IF the Spirit spoke anything, it would have to be infallible and thus worthy of obedience. igiveup