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Except when it means choosing between obeying God or obeying our government.
With these government mandates, they are forcing many to do just that. (quoting someone else)
I must disagree, which I have done here several times already on this and similar issues dealing with gov't orders. When the country has a founding document such as the United States Constitution which GUARANTEES God-given INALIENABLE (shall not/cannot be infringed) RIGHTS, citizens are under no obligation to obey such ILLEGAL orders. Here, in the U.S. this is something which has been recognized by all agencies, e.g., military and law enforcement. No soldier nor police officer is required to obey any order/command which violates those rights and freedoms recognized in the Constitution Bill of Rights. The vaccine mandates from employers, governors, Congress, the President or any court are illegal. The same is true for lock downs where the right to freely practice one's religion or gather together in a peaceful assembly or to own and have on one's possession a firearm, etc. are prohibited. All other governmental laws, orders, etc. are to be obeyed which do not require a Christian to do that which God has forbidden or to not do what God has commanded. I know in Canada there is the Constitution and the amendment of the Charter of Rights. I do not know the exact wording of those documents, but I am going to assume that they likewise GUARANTEE certain rights and freedoms of all citizens which cannot be infringed upon by anyone and particularly the government. Actually, if one understand the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights was written to limit the government in its powers, thus preserving the freedoms enumerated therein. No citizen in the U.S. need 'ask for permission' of the government to exercise ANY of the rights and freedoms guaranteed to them. Those freedoms are innate to all citizens who have not been found guilty of some serious crime.

So, those who you keep mentioning who think that Christians are obligated to obey their respective government orders, laws, policies without question, allowing for only biblical commandments to obey or biblical prohibitions, are potentially incorrect where the country they live in has a founding document which guarantees certain specific rights and freedoms to its citizens. If the government oversteps its authority and infringes upon those rights and freedoms, the government is guilty of a crime and is subject to punishment by the judicial system. Admittedly, in real life, this rarely happens, although the Supreme Court in the U.S. has overruled governmental laws, policies, mandates. In fact, there are a few cases being considered and some due to be considered by SCOTUS where states have enacted laws which are clearly anti-Constitution, e.g., the right of every citizen to own and bear arms, the right to life of the unborn, the right of citizens to own certain types of firearms, magazine capacities, etc. Hopefully, the court will rule against all these laws and restrictions which it has done in the past. [Linked Image]