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Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus?

Posted By: Tom

Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Thu Jan 07, 2021 5:55 PM

Yesterday was not exactly a great day in the history
If the USA.
Today I came into work and the talk in the break room was
how Trump was throwing people under the bus and this included
I had not heard that, before; however The people who told me
that were anti-Democrat’s.
Can someone point me to the truth concerning this?
The way these people are talking is that although they
can’t stand Biden, they are glad to see Trump gone.
Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:35 PM

Can you say "RINO" 3 times really fast? igiveup

The issue has been about several fundamental perspectives:

1. A free Constitutional Republic vs. Socialism
2. Legitimate elections according to law, which in the "swing states" was openly violated.
3. The Constitutional right to petition the judicial branch to hear grievances and to present evidence of crime, which was denied by 50 courts, including the Supreme Court.
4. Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.
5. Freedom to own and bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.
and other crucial rights which are the foundation of the USA as intended by its founders.

Trump threw no one "under the bus". In fact, as is so often the case the very opposite is true. What moved so many who have supported Trump to stand against him since the federal election? Most did so out of fear of losing their positions, power and money if they stood with him to expose the blatant corruption in government and particularly the election process in seven key states.

Is Trump a "good man"? Undeniably not, as seen through the truth of God's Word. But he is a man who loves the USA and worked tirelessly to make things right again by standing firmly upon the Constitution and rooting out evil.

IF the Demorats try to push their communist/socialist agenda in this country, without any doubt, there is going to be a violent response by millions of people who fought to keep the United States a free society. As Rush Limbaugh is famous for his saying, "Don't doubt me on this!!!", I echo it without hesitation. Tell that to your Canadian "friends". We will not allow this country to become a Canada, Great Britain, Venezuela or Cuba or any other socialist/communist country. My states motto came out of the Revolutionary War..... "LIVE FREE OR DIE!" This lives in the heart of every true patriot of the USA. Those who choose to try and destroy this country will pay dearly for their efforts should force be used against us.
Posted By: RJ_

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:28 PM

True definitely and based on facts!

Thank you,
Posted By: Tom

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:31 PM

My question then is, what were they referring to when they mentioned Pence?
Posted By: chestnutmare

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:37 PM

Why not ask them that question? I do recall that Trump was clear in his encouragement to Pence, that Pence would do the right thing given the fraudulent voting across the country. It was a major disappointment to see this man cave to the liberals in the end. But as for your comrades, who knows what they were referring to. Maybe they need to do a little research and provide the source for their contention.
Posted By: Tom

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Fri Jan 08, 2021 12:25 AM

I want to make myself very clear, in Canada we have both RW and LW and most Christians I know can't stand Prime Minister Trudeau.

Even the people in the lunch room I was referring to, do not want the Democrats in power. Most of them are not even Christians, yet they are tired of hearing the mess that the US is in right now.

I want to say much of this is because it is really hard in Canada to get un-bias news. Even some of the RW news media, seem so far right they come across as unbelievable.

If you go to Reformed boards, you can find people that on most doctrinal issues they mostly agree with each other. Yet other than agreeing that they do not want the Democrats in power, they are willing to throw each other under the bus; especially where Covid is concerned. If someone (on either side of the border) is going to a Church that tries to comply with government regulations, while at the same trying to obey God. They are labeled as being disobedient to God and some go so far as say they are not even a true Church. I have never in over my 41 years as a Christian, seen an issue that divides Reformed Christians more.

If there is civil war, I can almost guarantee even Reformed Christians will be on opposite sides.

Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Fri Jan 08, 2021 3:27 AM

1. It won't be a 'civil war' but more accurately, it will be a second Revolutionary War where a hostile government wanting control over the new settlement(s) dispatched regulated troops to disarm the populace to accomplish their goal. It was after being at war for over a year with Britain, the Declaration of Independence was written and ratified in 1776 which contains one of the most succinct and powerful statements ever written, apart from the Bible of course:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Eleven years after, the Constitution was written which formed a government that was responsible to protect the citizens from any one who would deny the inalienable rights given to them by either "natural law" or "divine law", depending upon who of the original signees you asked. The Constitution more fundamentally limited the government and the amended "Bill of Rights" enumerated the freedoms and rights which belonged to all citizens and of which the government had no power to infringe upon.

2. Thus, biblically when Jesus said to give unto Caesar what is Caesar, and Paul wrote that Christians were to obey those over them (government), those who refused to bow down to the British King and pay the incredible burden of taxes put upon them stood upon solid ground since the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution established their government and the citizens thereof as free men under God. In the days ahead, the Socialist/Communists who have now cheated their way into power will have full reign to trample upon those two documents more than they have ever been able to do before. And those citizens who recognize ONLY the true government which is established and bound by those two documents will not allow their rights to be diminished, destroyed or denied. The means by which citizens can resist such tyranny is provided in the Second Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Supreme Court has ruled in the majority of cases that citizens of this country have the inalienable right to 'keep and bear arms' for several purposes, e.g., to fight against tyranny both from without and within the country, for self defense, hunting, recreation and competitive sports. The line to be crossed by most which will surely end in war is this Second Amendment. For, it is the last resort means of defending those freedoms and rights guaranteed to its citizens. This is what makes the United States so unique and so clearly different from every other country in the world both in the past and until now. Many of us are deeply thankful for the freedoms guaranteed to us and enjoy. And, of course, those few of us who are genuinely Christian know that it is God's mercy and providence which has granted us those rights and freedoms. To us, they are most certainly worth fighting for and dying for... God, family and country. The Gadsden flag and the American flag go before us and we are proud to be Americans. grin
Posted By: Tom

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Sat Jan 09, 2021 12:28 AM


In the last while, I have tried to make myself fairly knowledgeable (still have a ways to go) of the American documents you make mention of. In fact, I probably know them better than I know the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; which I think I need to know better. Even in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is safe to say that in many respects the government has already gone against it.

I do not want to read into what you said. However, would I be correct to state that you believe there is undisputable evidence that the Democrats won the election fraudulently?

It appears (at least to me) that Vice President Pence disagrees with this and that is why he did not move to do what is in his power. I personally believe that if he believed there was still a chance that fraudulence could be proved, he would have done what he could.

This is a point that listening to Reformed commentators on seemed to be divided on. Some of them believe that there is indeed some fraud involved, but believe that this was not proven. Therefore, although they voted for President Trump, they also believe that the election needs to stand as is.

These same people also very much lean on the Constitution and I get the feeling that although they did not say it right out. If the Democrats start to go against the Constitution; they will only bend so far.

I have also heard/read Reformed Commentators throw even other Reformed American Christians under the bus, for believing that Trump needs to step aside and allow Biden to become President.

Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Sat Jan 09, 2021 2:50 AM

I believe that there is more than ample proof to show that there was deep corruption and fraudulence in the election. No court, as far as I know, allowed that evidence to be presented. The cases brought before every court, including SCOTUS were refused a hearing. So, the reports (fake news) claim that every court ruled against them. The truth is, they refused to hear them. There are 1000's upon 1000's of signed affidavits from people who worked in polling places who personally witnessed the fraud. There are videos that clearly show the fraudulence. And just today, we received a private communication that is more than reliable that there is a "whistleblower" who has come forth and has reported that the voting machines in the critical states were indeed used to change votes from Trump to Biden... and this was done overseas. This person has reportedly agreed to testify as to these facts.

Secondly, I have no clue why Pence would deny the evidence which has been accumulated. Surely, he would be privy to this fact. scratch1

Lastly, at this point, I cannot foresee the election overturned due to the unconscionable and widespread effort to completely discredit and destroy Donald J. Trump. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, one of the most corrupt Democrats and hater of Trump has publicly stated that she plans on starting impeachment proceedings (again) against President Trump for sedition and tyranny, which is exactly what the Demonacrats have been guilty of for years, and particularly even before but especially after the 2016 election. Relatively speaking, this is a battle between 'good and evil' and the worst, I fear, is yet to come.

Addendum: It has also come to my attention that there is proof that the breaching of the White House was a choreographed plan by the Left with many members of Antifa identified on video cameras. Doubtless, there were a few Trump supporters who were drawn into the act(s) and they are no less guilty. But Trump indisputably did nor said anything to incite any type of act nor violence. This again is pure FAKE NEWS and deliberate lies from the Left, the media and other radical sources. The hypocrisy is beyond comprehension for one need only to go back a few months ago when Antifa, BLM and their duped pawns burned down buildings, cities, took over Seattle and Portland and assassinated police officers. And leftist governors, mayors and Democrat politicians turned a blind eye and in some cases, applauded the riots, looting and murders claiming they were justified to "protest".

And, I am convinced that all this is God's rightful judgment upon this once great nation who has turned its back on even acknowledging there is a god, never mind blaspheming and ridiculing the one true GOD. The visible church is much responsible for forsaking what they claim they once believed, casting aside the Word of God, and joining with the world and its vain philosophies and immorality. What does the sovereign LORD of the nations have planned for not only the United States, but the world in the coming days? Only He knows for He has ordained all things for His glory and for the purging and sanctifying of Christ's true Church, those for whom He secured redemption and reconciliation through the shedding of His blood and then clothing them in white raiment, His perfect righteousness, to the glory of the Father.
Posted By: ATulipNotADaisy

Re: Did Trump Throw Pence under the Bus? - Sun Jan 17, 2021 2:56 PM

Amen. Pilgrim. As the old preacher, Rev. R. G. Lee said in his sermon of the same title, there’s a “Payday Someday.”
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