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Posted By: Tom Marriage and the Church - Wed Aug 04, 2021 3:58 AM
I read something today that I do not remember reading before.

Marriages are civil Union , churches should not be conducting any weddings.

Agree, disagree and why?

Posted By: Pilgrim Re: Marriage and the Church - Wed Aug 04, 2021 10:36 AM
Marriages are civil for all unbelievers and thus anyone or no one may officiate over them. And, they may be conducted anyway anyone desires. However, marriage is a Divine institution which Scripture teaches God created as a symbol of the joining of two people as one which actually symbolizes Christ's love and union with His Church. In that joining of a man to a woman ONLY, they both declare their love and oneness with for each other, putting aside all for the other, etc. And, they do this not only before others who can hold them accountable to their vow(s) throughout their days, but the couple vows before God that they will live as God intended according to His revealed will in the Bible, relying upon the Holy Spirit to guide and keep them always. The "Church" visible broadly speaking has (had?) used basically the same formula/wording for weddings which contained the necessary understanding of what marriage is and how those who are united in marriage are spiritually joined together and accountable to God to keep their relationship pure and holy as it exemplifies Christ and His Church. Thus, it is my view that Christ, through His called under-shepherds, are to oversee and administer marriages between those only who have a valid profession of faith and who understand the true meaning of marriage, the designated place of the two parties, and the responsibilities required of each of them to God and each other.
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