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Posted By: Pilgrim "Limited Atonement" by Gordon Girod - Fri May 01, 2020 10:45 AM
Okay, some may be grumbling a bit to see another article on Limited Atonement. But in all honesty, I personally can't fathom anyone being able to exhaust the depth of the vicarious substitutionary atonement, that great redemptive sacrifice that our Lord Jesus Christ accomplished on behalf of all whom the Father gave Him. Now, this article is not some dry theological treatise, some of which do exist giggle but rather, this article is written from a pastoral perspective, because the author was not some esteemed theologian but a pastor, a true under shepherd of Christ's flock. Thus, you should and can expect to find many gems of personal application that will fill your heart and soul and provide many hours of blessed contemplation.

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