Miraculous Healing

Henry Frost



IT will be noted that the title which I have chosen for this book is, “Miraculous Healing,” instead of the usual phrase, “Divine Healing.” This change of phraseology has been purposely made. The special theme of the book is God's healing apart from means, which the words “miraculous healing” indicate. But this would not be true of the words” divine healing,” for these, properly understood, signify God's healing both without and with means. This last is the case because it is a fact that healing of any kind is necessarily divine. A physician does not heal, nor medicine, nor a scientific diet, nor an improved environment, nor anything else that may be named. All creation or recreation is from God; and hence, in every instance of healing He is the One who heals, whether He acts directly through unknown laws or indirectly through known laws. Where in this book, therefore, the words “divine healing” occur it is to be understood that any form of healing is signified, but where the words “miraculous healing” occur that only healing apart from means is signified.

It will be further noted that I have somewhat criticised parts of what Dr. A. J. Gordon and Dr. A. B. Simpson wrote upon the subject of miraculous healing. I have regretted the necessity of this. These men of God presented to Christians much truth concerning healing apart from means; and besides, their service as writers, preachers, teachers and missionary leaders was extensive and uniquely fruitful in blessing. It is, therefore, to be kept in mind, that my criticisms do not indicate any lack of esteem on my part for these beloved brethren. I greatly revere their memory and desire that others should do the same.

Chapter I

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