by Wylie Fulton


Dear Friend and Fellow-Traveler,

Once more it has pleased the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ó even the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ ó that I come to you in a letter. And I am inclined to write on the salvation of your soul, and nothing else. You see, the greatest thing that can ever happen to an individual is to be called by Godís grace into the fellowship of Christ; nothing can ever eclipse the knowledge of the Saviour! Salvation means your deliverance from the just condemnation of Hell and being brought to know Christ and ultimately to an eternal home in Heaven. Salvation means that God has called you, separated you, saved you and made you righteous in the Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation means that God did it when you could not, and indeed would not, do it for yourself. Salvation means that you have been an object of Godís love and compassion from before the foundation of the world.

Salvation means that long before you were born:

    1. Your name was written in the Lambís Book of Life. Revelation 17:8.

    2. The immutable God had purposed, for reasons known only to Himself, to save you. Romans 8:29.

    3. God loved you with an everlasting love. Jeremiah 31:3.

    4. When the Baby Jesus was born into the world, He was Godís salvation for you. Luke

    5. When Christ lived a perfect life and fulfilled all righteousness, it was for you.

    6. Dying on the Cross, paying sinís debt, your name was indelibly stamped on Christís hands and heart.

    7. When Christ ascended to Heaven, He went there to intercede for you.

    8. The Holy Spirit was assigned a job to do, and that was to reach you, regenerate you, plant faith and repentance in your heart, and bring you to the knowledge of Christ.

    9. The angels of God were assigned a mission to watch over and minister unto you.

    10. Christ went back to Heaven to prepare a place for you!

And there is more, so much more. One can never exhaust the unsearchable riches that are stored up for Godís elect in Christ the Lord. And remember, all of this was on purpose, by Godís eternal decree, and limited to those whom He chose to salvation.

Salvation means that during your lifetime:

    1. The angels of God have ministered unto you, behind the scenes, protecting you, preserving you, keeping you for the hour when you would come to know Godís salvation.

    2. The Holy Spirit has already singled you out and laid hold of your heart (or will, sometime before you die).

    3. God will grant you repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; He will also give you saving faith.

    4. Godís grace will keep you, preserve you, make you secure in Christ, so that you will not fall away.

    5. The joy of the Lord and some knowledge of sins forgiven will become real to your heart.

Salvation means that when you come to die:

    1. The angels of God will hover around you.

    2. You will know that ďJesus led me all the way.Ē

    3. You are going out to meet HIM.

    4. There will be peace in the valley for you.

    5. Even if you die in the dark, Godís Spirit is with you and you will be ushered into the presence of the LORD. ďAbsent from the body, present with the LORD.Ē ďSalvation belongeth unto the LORDĒ Psalm 3:8.

And so, do you see why the personal experience of salvation is so great, and why your soulís well-wisher cannot take this for granted in either your case or my own? Do you understand why I am always asking, ďDo you know the LORD?Ē I do not inquire as to what church you attend or desire to attend. What your views on lesser matters might be is of no immediate concern to me. There is ďnone other name under Heaven whereby we must be savedĒ (Acts 4:12), and so I would set HIM before you, that we might have a time of heart-searching together. Do you know HIM? Do I? Little difference is made over the matter of my denominational preference; little difference does it matter whether I be premillennial or postmillennial. What are the consequences if I have the matters of baptism and the communion table all worked out? These things do not save! I must KNOW the Lord Jesus Christ, for in His great prayer to the Father He enunciated the importance of such knowledge when He said: ďAnd this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.Ē (John 17:3). If you would have all that there is in SALVATION ó if you would be partaker of what it means (1.) before your birth, (2.) during your lifetime, and (3.) at death ó then all is wrapped up in the one point:


I bid you consider these things well, and may the Holy Ghost of God add His blessing, empowering His own truth in your heart and life, as it pleases Him. To God be the glory!

A sincere well-wisher,

Wylie W. Fulton


Wylie Fulton is a Christian author and webmaster. You can visit his website at:

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