John_C said:

Bloomington, IL, correct

I look in the PCA directory and didn't see but one in Normal and none in Bloomington. How far is Peoria or Champaign/Urbana from Bloomington/Normal. It doesn't appear to be too far (maybe 49-60 miles). Peoria has 2 churches and Champaign/Urbana has one. You may want to look at the OPC directory, or even the CRC. The CRC is pretty big up in that area.

(just curious, what is wrong with the church in Normal)


Both Peoria and Champaign/Urbana are about an hour's drive from Bloomington/Normal, and I won't have my own transportation. It's possible I may be able to take a train, but I won't know how that works until I'm in Bloomington.

The OPC does't have any churches locally, neither do the CRC, RPCNA, URCNA, or RCUS. It appears there IS a Reformed Baptist church in Bloomington, Immanuel Baptist Church, so that's a possibility.

As for Christ Church PCA, my reservations have primarily to do with the fact that they appear to be very much involved in "cultural engagement," something I've had a lot of negative experience with this year. I haven't ruled them out completely, but I wanted to see what else might be available in the area. So far, not much!

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