Thanks all for the replies. We were in Zambia for over 8 years and there were a number of excellent churches there. One major difference is that Zambia had 6 national languages which resulted in English being more widely used as a common language. However, if I had confidence a church was solidly Biblical (which I'm convinced implies it is also conservative and reformed), I wouldn't mind the service being in Swahili since we need to learn the language anyway.

About a year ago, the church we attend was having a "Women's Day service." I don't want to start a flame war, but I've read many attempts that claim that the latter part of I Cor. 14 doesn't mean what it says, but I'm strongly convinced that Paul did indeed mean what he said and even emphasized that he was speaking by the Spirit of God. Anyway, we decided to visit the main Presbyterian church that morning. We arrived and found from the bulletin that they had women elders but we'd driven quite a way to get there and knew of no other place to go so we decided to sit in on the service. It was nice singing hymns instead of repetitive choruses, but it turned out they were having a Health Day "service" and the presentation was on breast cancer (pictures and all) by 2 women. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. We walked out. This is truly a dry and thirsty land.