1. It is NOT "science". So, the masses are believing the lies of the political elite and their minions.

2. It is NOT "logical". THINK just for a second or two:
- The CDC finally agrees with every study that now shows that none of the vaccines prevents infection nor transmission of COV19 regardless of which variant it is (which will continue to morph like every other similar virus). They only lessen the effects. Vaccinated people who have pre-existing conditions still die.

3. 99% of the available masks are ineffective in preventing infection. Most doctors and nurses readily admit this incontrovertible truth. The 'pores' of the typical blue paper masks handed out at hospitals and businesses are 4 times larger than the molecules of COV19. The 'pores' of the M95 masks are 30% larger than COV19 molecules. And, to be effective any mask must be perfectly form-fitted to a person's face.

4. Lastly, albeit much more could be said... Since vaccinated individuals can be infected and/or transmit this virus, then why is a non-vaccinated individual more of a risk to vaccinated individuals than vaccinated individuals? [Linked Image] And so what if the unvaccinated individual gets infected from a vaccinated individual? The symptoms could range from non-symptomatic , to sick for 2 or 3 days up to a week+, or serious enough to need hospitalization which is VERY rare. The FACTS are 99.005% of those infected survive. And finally, those who have been infected, their natural immunity, which is something no one wants to make know, are 10x more immune to infection for MUCH longer than anyone who has been vaccinated.

Many nurses here in the U.S. have walked off their jobs after being told that they have to be vaccinated. Really? Nurses who work in hospitals and who are exposed to the virus and every other disease and who KNOW the facts about COV19 have chosen not to be vaccinated would rather quit their jobs than be forced to get a vaccination. scratchchin We have a very close friend who is a retired nurse and who refused to get vaccinated along with her husband, who is a retired NYC police officer. They both got COV19 as did one son. All recovered without any need of hospitalization and with no side effects of any kind. in fact, when they went to the local hospital to find out if they were treating infected patients, they were told to go home and rest.

I refuse to get vaccinated... period. It is possible that I have already been infected and if that is the case, I am far more protected than someone with an artificial man-made virus vaccine. This is insanity and will continue forever since these "flus" will continue to exist everywhere UNTIL people stop drinking the "koolaid" and begin to use that muscle between their ears and realize they have been duped. However, that 'muscle' is so rarely used nowadays, should most actually use it, they will suffer from cerebral charlie horses for a short time which most would rather be locked down and controlled like lab rats. evilgrin

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