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#55921 Sun Jan 26, 2020 9:53 AM
Joined: Jan 2020
Posts: 205
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Joined: Jan 2020
Posts: 205

"The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from you, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed, says the Lord who has mercy on you."--Isaiah 54:10
There is nothing true but heaven--none unchangeable but God. "The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed"--the lofty and the beautiful, the strong and the attractive of created good shall decay and vanish--the earthquake of time's revolution and of human instability shaking them to the center; but God's covenant of love, and God's love of the covenant, abides forever--for God has spoken it, and it is impossible for Him to lie. Sit down, my soul, and meditate awhile upon this heart-cheering, soul-satisfying truth--the unchangeable love of your covenant God and Father. "The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from you, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed, says the Lord who has mercy on you."
"My kindness." Oh what touching and impressive words are these! Human kindness is sweet and grateful--the kindness and love of the creature; what, then, must be divine kindness--the kindness and love of God? Oh how kind is Jesus! There is kindness in all He does and in all He says--kindness in His promises, kindness in His rebukes, kindness in what He gives, kindness in what He withholds, and kindness in what He recalls; kindness in every stroke of His rod, and kindness in every smile of His love. O! my Savior, how great Your kindness in bearing my sins, in calling me by Your effectual grace, in keeping me from falling by Your power, and in giving me a name and a place among Your saints.
"Shall not depart from you." My soul, consider the love of God for you, as everlasting love. It never did, it never will, depart. Notwithstanding your fall in Adam--your depraved nature--your constant sins and departures, the love of God continues. He may veil for a little moment the light of His countenance, may chastise and afflict you for your revoltings and backslidings; still, having loved you once, He loves you to the end. Whatever else departs, His love never will. Wealth may leave you, health may fail you, friends may forsake you, and life itself expire; but God's paternal love, and Christ's fraternal sympathy, will never, never change.
"Neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed." The covenant of peace made with Christ, on your behalf, O my soul, sealed with His blood, even the "blood of the everlasting covenant," which procured peace, speaks peace, and bequeaths peace, even "the peace of God which passes all understanding," shall never be removed. The mountains of human strength, lofty and sun-gilded--the hills of creature good, clad with verdure, and smiling with fruit--shall be removed--the strongest, the loveliest, and the dearest the first to die--but, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Amid the vicissitudes and changes of the present--the dying friends and revolving landscapes of life--cling, O my soul, to Him whose covenant never alters, whose kindness never changes; who, having loved you before all time, and loved you in all time, will love you to the end of all time--yes, when time shall be no longer. The Lord that has mercy upon you has said it.
Unconverted soul! the day will come when, if found out of Christ, you will cry to the mountains and to the rocks to cover you--but will cry in vain! Before His face of glory the heavens and the earth will flee away, and your soul will stand without a shelter or a hiding place. Escape for your life! There is one mountain, and one only, where you can find shelter from the wrath that is to come--it is Mount Calvary. Hidden there, the "Avenger of Blood" cannot reach you. No refuge but the cross--no fountain but the blood--no righteousness but Christ's--no Savior but Jesus--will meet your case. "Him that comes unto Me I will in no way cast out.''
"Just as I am! without one plea,
But that the Savior died for me,
And that You bid me come to Thee,
O Lamb of God, I come!"

By, Octavious Winslow

Rick Bates #55922 Sun Jan 26, 2020 2:19 PM
Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 3,263
Likes: 32
Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley
Joined: Sep 2003
Posts: 3,263
Likes: 32
Thank you for posting this. For a moment, I thought you had forgotten to post it in the right forum and then saw that you did. Glad you posted it here as well for I wanted to say that this reminder of the steadfastness and unchangeableness of the Lord, contrasts with our constantly changing lives, providing the believer with security in his Savior's love. It is so easy for me to get tossed to and fro by the cruelty of others, or changing and uncertain circumstances. The believer has a rock to cling to. An all knowing, all loving Savior to keep and preserve us unto glory.

The Chestnut Mare
Rick Bates #55926 Mon Jan 27, 2020 4:06 AM
Joined: May 2013
Posts: 148
Joined: May 2013
Posts: 148
What comforts found in the promises of our dear Savior, what words given to encourage a weary soul, thank you for sharing this!

"A man may be theologically knowing and spiritually ignorant." STEPHEN CHARNOCK
Rick Bates #55933 Mon Jan 27, 2020 4:55 PM
Joined: Jan 2020
Posts: 205
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Joined: Jan 2020
Posts: 205
Brother McKinley,
You are welcome. To me Octavious Winslow speaks so deeply to the heart. Dear brother, I love your title " God's Unchancing Love ". This speaks volumes, for our God is not the God of chance and in His overarching providence, all things whether allowed or decreed all are accomplished for His eternal glory.

chestnutmare #55934 Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:14 PM
Joined: Jan 2020
Posts: 205
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Joined: Jan 2020
Posts: 205
As I read this yet once again, it is such a balm to my weary soul. I agree with all that you say and am just overwhelmed by God's unchanging love for us His children. The truth of God's adoption of us in love in eternity past, comes to mind in the here and now for us, the adopted ones. When I first " saw " this truth I wept, for I cannot comprehend how God could love and adopt a sinner like me. God's love is so good.

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